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Evening of Wednesday 26th

© QUI NGUYEN/Unsplash

Pre-Evening Meetup in the Tropical Bar

Grand Elysée
Rothenbaumchaussee 10, 20148 Hamburg

Morning of Thursday 27th

© Larissa Gies/Unsplash

Check-In and Tradeshow

To accelerate the check in please have the ticket digitally or printed ready on check in!

While the registration is ongoing there is a trade show running in the foyer!

Morning of Thursday 27th

Hanse 22 – Haboring Peace and Sustainabiltiy
through Entreprenuership

Opening words by Alex Gill, Social Entrepreneur and Consultant / Environmental business leader / Advocate for Entrepreneurship

Denise Schurzmann

Federal President
Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland

Alessandro Somaschini

Chair of
G20 YEA Steering Committee

Prof. Norbert Aust

Chamber of Commerce Hamburg

Sustainable Transformation

Partic Hoffmann – Senior Vice President Global Ventures & Innovation DB Schenker

© Victor/Unsplash

Sustainable Innovation

“Sustainable innovation” seeks to address those unintended social and environmental impacts. It implies that companies can provide products and services that are good for themselves and for society in the long term. This article explains what sustainable innovation means, why it is important, and how to practice it.

Chelsey Reschke

Chief Executive Officer

Voran Group Ventures Ltd.

Veronika Reichboth

Director of the Startup Unit

Hamburg Invest

Dr. Arik Willner

Chief Technology Officer


Tobias Hocke

Serial Entrepreneur and Vice-President of Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland

Camille Le Gal



HHLA Shanty Choir

Since 1996, the HHLA Shanty Choir with it’s special style, had also become a fixture of the Hamburg Choir Association. Their choir, which was newly constituted as a registered association in early 1996, has 33 active singers and 4 musicians, the accordionists Jutta Schütte, Holger Berner, Holger Stoll and Gerd Weigel with the harmonica.

Afternoon of Thursday 27th

Annalena Baerbock

Greetings from Germany’s minister for foreign affairs

Women Empowerment

Dr. Mara Cathrine Harvey

Senior leader, Gender-Lens Finance and Organisational Design expert. Keynote Speaker and SDG Advocate. Published Author. Founder & CEO

© Joel Muniz/Unsplash


Gender diversity is important. Ensuring equal representation of women in the workplace can have positive effects all across your entire organization. Let’s discuss about various aspects of diversity and women empowerment.

Burcu Arslan

Sustainability & Marketing


Pei Garza

Member of Mexican Delegation

🎤 Radio/TV Host 📻 Tendencias

Erika Rastelli

Chief People Officer

ARAN World

Nidhi Somani

Member of the Indian Delegation

Moulded Fibreglass Products

Christelle Curcio

Co-founder @

40 Femmes Forbes

Nadia Ladak

Co-Founder and CEO at Marlow

Women Empowerment

Connect and adapt the company to the needs of the current market and ESG guidelines, such as promoting Gender Equality in the organizational environment.

Leverage the organization’s innovation potential, through the opening and expansion of perspectives related to Diversity and Inclusion.

Reduce the risk of turnover in strategic positions.

Increase the effectiveness of leaders, improving team management, through more assertive communication, more efficient task delegation and clearer and more productive feedback.

Strengthen the team’s engagement with the organization’s culture, values and purpose.

B2B Session

Use the time for networking and exchange with all delegates, keynote speakers or panelists.

Pro-TIPP: Scan the QR-Code on the badge of the attendees to get in contact with them!

F*ck up Session – hosted by Gentiana Daumiller

Fuckup Nights is a global movement where stories of failed businesses, projects and careers are told, questioned and celebrated. In each Fuckup Night, 3 or 4 speakers share their professional failure story using 7 minutes and 10 images. After each speaker there is a brief Q&A session.

The core of the talk is the failure and tends to follow this structure:

  • What was the project
  • What went wrong
  • What did they learn and would do differently?

Just so you get the idea, Fuckup Nights is something between a party and a casual business conference.

Gentiana Daumiller, our member from WJ Mittelrhein will host this event. She is trainer, coach and management consultant. Her main topics at work are positive failure culture, self-reflection, agile mindset and new work. Her believe is that life provides us with possibilities and opportunities along the way so that we can grow, develop and constantly learn. In her work of culture change, the focus is on people and their needs, because people are a company’s most valuable asset.

Evening of Thursday 27th

Evening Reception before Gala-Night

Use the time between the first day of the summit and the big gala night to do some intensive networking with all summit attendees.

Gala Dinner

Let’s wrap day one up with an amazing gala dinner within the Grand Elysee in Hamburg.

The 3 course menu will be framed with the great band “bäm music”.

Enjoy the dinner and continue networking and exchanging thoughts of the day.

Morning of Friday 28th

Welcome Words by Alex Gill

Alex Gill will open the second day of G20 YEA summit and set the goals for today.

Sustainable Innovation

Carolin Stüdemann, CEO of Viva con Agua e.V., Social Entrepreneur and LinkedIn TopVoice Social Impact will give us a keynote about sustainable innovation.

Sustainable Innvoation

Interview with Carolin Stüdemann and also Chad Midnight, Co-founder of Aqueduct Water Systems 💧 Future of Sustainable Drinking Water about sustainable innovation for water systems.

Digital Interview Ukraine Entrepreneuers

Final Pitch Session of The Mitchell Prize for G20 YEA Entrepreneurs

G20 YEA President for the UK, Alex Mitchell, is pleased to sponsor through is Foundation a range of prizes, worth a total of USD$5,000, for entrepreneurs who run socially-conscious businesses. These prizes will be awarded at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ 2022 Summit in Hamburg, Germany – which will run on October 28 and 29, 2022.

Afternoon of Friday 28th

Perspectives on the value chain act

The keynote leads to discussion panel about the EU value chain act. Will it pave the way to more sustainability?

Melanie Vogelbach

Head of International Economic Policy and Foreign Trade Law, German Chamber of Commerce (DIHK)

Volker Treier

Foreign Trade, Member of the executive board of the German Chamber of Commerce (DIHK)

Rasmus Andresen

Member of the European Parliament, spokesman for the MEPs from Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

Angela Wallace

Founder at AWIA

Member of the Canadian Delegation

Sakshi Agarwal

Kashmiri Handicraft and Real Estate Business Owner 

Advocate of Sustainable Trade Practices 

Sustainable Trade – an asia perspectiv

with Almut Roessner, Executive Member of the Board at OAV – German Asia-Pacific Business Association

B2B Session

Country Relateded Sessions

© Romain Dancre/Unsplash

Communiqué Presentation

Panel with executives of all delegations to present the official communiqué of G20 YEA.

© Romain Dancre/Unsplash

Communiqué Signature and Handover

Summit Handover to India

This ceremony ambassador Parvathaneni Harish assumed charge as Ambassador of India to the Federal Republic of Germany on November 06, 2021 will join us.

Closing words

Alex Gill will wrap up this years G20 YEA summit!